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  • 祝贺我们的实习生Anna在澳洲成功获得本地公司的会计职位。

    Platinumaccg 发表于 8-5-2018 12:52:08
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    Anna 作为一名国际学生,在大学刚毕业之后就迅速联系了我们,因为她知道只有具备更多的实践技能和经验才能帮助她在当地求职,所以她决定参加我们的助理会计师培训项目。在参加这个项目几个月后,由于她的出色表现和工作态度,我们给她提供了一个公司内部的短期助理会计师职位。由于她做事尽心尽力,这种经历和态度最终让她实现了她的梦想,并在当地找到了一个会计岗位。
    虽然面试过程中招聘者询问了关于其他会计软件的专业问题,但由于其丰富的知识和经验,包括我们的独家面试准备工作,帮助她做好了面试准备, 并在面试的当天下午收到了公司的电话。
    我们阿德莱德办公室的联系方式: 0422 992 530 or 08 8123 0933
    在全澳所有主要城市市中心都有我们的办公室,您还可以拨打号码1300 030 700 预约免费咨询,方便大家就近咨询。

    Hi everyone,

    Hope you are all doing well!

    Please join us in congratulating Anna who recently secured her very first accounting job in a local firm!
    Anna was a fresh graduate when joining Platinum Professional Training team. Knowing that having more practical skills and experience would positively assist her in her local accounting job hunting, she decided to undertake our Assistant Accountant program. After a several month participating in this program, thanks to her great performance and working attitude, we offered her a short-term Junior Assistant Accountant position within our company. Regardless of what position she was in, she always worked her best. This experience and attitude finally led her to her dream of landing a local accounting position even though this opportunity came to her with full of surprise.

    We would like to thank Anna for her kind advice and sharing her job hunting journey.
    We believe that her story can inspire and motivate everyone in your current and future job hunt. She can do it so can you!

    From: Anna H*** [mailto:x****@gmail.com]
    Sent: Thursday, 15 February 2018 12:07 AM
    To: Tyna Nguyen <[email protected]>; Carol Yang <[email protected]>
    Subject: Re: Congrats in securing a new position - from Platinum Pro Training (RTO)

    Hi Tyna and Carol,

    Hope you are doing well. Thank you for your wishes. Finally, I can make my dream of securing Accounting job in a local commercial firm come true. It was so surprising and out of my expectation for this opportunity, as I thought my job hunting journey should have been taken for a longer time. I'd like to send a big thank to Platinum Professional Training Company, and especially to give tight hugs to Tyna, Carol, Ann, Frank, and other interns who are my fantastic colleagues and friends that always support and encourage me all the time.

    On this occasion, I'd like to share some of my experience for job hunting and interview for this successful position. Actually, I had not sent so many jobs. After completing the internship as it would better to strengthen my technical skills with the JAA position. Just until January, knowing that this was the market season for recruitment, I started selecting some best-suit requirement companies to apply. Surprisingly, I received the response just after 1 week applied for this job. During the first phone interview, the Director asked about my background, kinds of experience of using software and set up the appointment for the interview. By reviewing my CV details and notes from last interview seminar at Platinum, as well as learning about company business through their website, I could prepare the answers for some of “usually asked questions”, especially focus on preparing for technical questions as they required using Xero, not MYOB as my adept. What I did was trying to match the relevant “accounting principles” from MYOB to Xero, as they are relatively same.

    Following are some of the questions during interview section:

      - What is platinum’s business and my position and duties in Platinum?
      - They went through all details in my CV regarding the experience in Platinum. I described and explained all aspects of training and how we practiced through different internship projects
      - They asked for experience duration, just 7 months but I could demonstrate my well understanding of processes and how to apply to any business.
      - Questions to clarify my status in Australia (educational level, family background, visa type, career planning)
      - Office working skills, task allocation, time management and stress management skills.
      - How far of my way to get PR.

    I was comfortable, satisfied with their friendly and open discussion, but not really hopeful for the result as I was not sure they were strict on hiring an experienced and local applicant, rather than just fresh graduate and holding temporary residence (TR) visa like me. Startlingly, I received their congrats within that afternoon. My company is small but on way of developing their business scale, my role starting as Accounts clerk (keep track of AP/AP and Payroll) by using Xero and other scheduling software, but towards the heading project of doing detail job costing for their business. And the knowledge of doing cost center report definitely helped me to secure this position.

    As the accomplished intern, I hope my sharing would be helpful for other interns at Platinum. All are comprehensive and practicable if you thoroughly understand. Make sure you have professional well-prepared CV with the help of Tyna as I believed that was my prominence and a good impression for the recruiter. I have been lucky enough to secure this job earlier than my expectation.Take your time to learn and instill all the knowledge in this Platinum. So I think all of you can even get better jobs than me with this lucrative investment.  

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